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Chapter 5

Author's Note: (Sorry to have kept everyone waiting…anyone whose reading this anyways. I've been delayed with schoolwork and, sorry for not giving you a head's-up, but I've been dedicating a lot of my spare time to completing a novel of mine. No, I don't just write fanfiction, you sillies. I only do this for simple fun and to improve my writing skills as a whole.

I haven't stayed in much contact with Allie since she's away at university, but I'm enjoying writing this so I'll continue it based on the vague outline she gave me. I would love to hear feedback from you guys, and I'm open to suggestions for more TF2 fanfics in the near future. Happy reading!)

"Where the hell is our Femscout?!" Soldier hollered to his fellow BLUs.

The Team was in a bit of a predicament. RED Team had retaliated much stronger than they had anticipated, forcing the offensive classes to fall back from the payload. The Engineer had tried to build a sentry close to the cart to ward off any REDs, but each time he tried, the sentry was destroyed before it was even built. Engineer joined his teammates among the storage units behind the fortress walls, the last of his metal reserves laying scattered on the dusty ground outside.

"That's it, fellas." The Engineer panted, removing his hardhat to wipe his brow. "That's the last of mah reserves. We're plumb outta luck until Femgie gets back with more supplies."

"Forget about the metal!" The Female Soldier shoved her way to the front of the crowd. "What we need is more offense! We're missing Femscout, and I'll bet she's gone AWOL, the little fruit basket!"

"Before anyone loses their mind," The FemSpy uncloaked beside the crowd, her heavily tinted sunglasses reflecting the glaring dessert sunlight. "I believe, ladies and gentlemen, that what we need is a better strategy." The Frenchwoman took a drag from her cigarette. "Surely we mercenaries are resourceful enough to work around the absence of two Team members, no?"

"Aye." Demoman, much more sober since the start of the battle, agreed. "Anyone got any ideas for not gettin' slaughtered out there?"

A loud gunshot cracked the momentarily still air, accompanied by the anguished death cry of a RED Scout from beyond the walls. BLU Team looked above them to see Sniper, crouched behind an air vent, eye in his scope and (as usual) paying little heed to what his Team mates were discussing. With pinpoint accuracy, the assassin picked off enemy after enemy before fleeing from his hiding place as a grenade was launched his way. Rifle in hand, the Australian man ran past his group, motioning for them to high-tail it to the frontlines.

"Get to the cart, 'ya bloody idiots!" He called over his shoulder as he left in search of a new vantage point.

"I agree with the bushman." Spy stated, adjusting his tie. "I suggest we go now while we have the chance."

Sniper listened from a distance as his Team uttered their battle cries, charging with cautious confidence onto the battlefield once more. The familiar sounds of gunfire and explosions once again filled the air. Always wary of the frontlines, Sniper hung back from the action to wait most of it out. He knew he'd done his job for the time being; he'd blown open the skulls of most of the RED bastards surrounding their payload, all he had to do now was wait for another opportunity to get a clear shot in. A swarming mass of his Team mates and enemies, needless to say, was not a very wise place to aim.

As he tucked himself away behind a corner, back pressed against the wall to avoid an ambush from any stupid spies, the Sniper's thoughts inadvertently turned to his wife back in their mobile home. He didn't want to admit it, but there was a very real chance that the Team could lose, resulting in the BLUs being forced out of the REDs' territory…or worse. Subconsciously he was grateful Charlotte was retiring, although he would certainly miss having her by his side in the snipers' roost during battle.

As for their child, Sniper hardly had any idea how he was going to raise it. Fem Sniper wasn't much different; spending long periods of time alone most of your life doesn't exactly qualify you to be parent of the year. Regardless, both future parents had agreed a more permanent settlement would be a better environment for a newborn. Mr. Mundy had intentions of purchasing a small abode within the state; nothing fancy, just a place for his wife and child to stay until the unforeseen day when the Gravel Wars would finally end.

Sniper understood this meant he would be away from them most of the year, taking his traditional campervan out to wherever the Teams were stationed for whatever mission they were assigned. That didn't leave Sniper much time to see his son or daughter grow up; so, he had every intention to fill what few months out of the year he had with them to be full of as many meaningful moments as possible.

If the child ever showed skill or interest, marksmen training would begin as soon as the child was able to throw a rock. Sniper hoped, more than anything, that his son or daughter wouldn't take much after his parents and their distaste for assassins for hire. In Sniper's opinion, assassination was a much better career aspiration than being a rancher.

The sharpshooter's thoughts were interrupted by the Administrator's voice over the intercom: "Mission ends in sixty seconds."

Sniper's blood ran cold as he glanced quickly around the corner and saw that his Team had barely made any advancements with pushing the cart down the track. Survival mode kicking in, Sniper aimed his rifle into the fray…and shot. A resounding scream confirmed his bullet had found its target.


Fem Sniper released a strangled cry of agony into the pillow she was clutching to her chest. She'd been able to keep most of her composure earlier that day, but now everything below her ribcage ached with each contraction. Fem Sniper had been shot at, burned, stabbed, and everything in between for several years straight…but nothing she'd gone through had prepared her for the torture she experienced when this one – the worst contraction yet – peaked.

"Oh, God!" Fem Sniper curled tighter in on herself, the pillow muffling her voice as she sank her fingers into it. She had switched to lying sideways on the bed moments before, trying to relieve some of the pain. It hadn't worked.

"I know, sugar. I know it hurts." Femgie said soothingly, beginning a deep massage into her friend's lower back as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"Don't touch me!" Fem Sniper hissed at the female engineer's touch; she'd been growing more and more irritable as her pain and discomfort increased. Her Team mate immediately withdrew from her.

Femscout remained where she was on the floor of the mobile home, immobile since she first sat down and gradually getting paler by the minute. She clearly wanted to be anywhere but in that room.

The contraction finally ended and Fem Sniper lifted her face from the pillow to pant for air. Her brow was beginning to show signs of heavy perspiration. "Where's Rick?" Were the first words to pass her lips.

"He'll be here soon, 'sug." Femgie gave a reassuring smile. "It shouldn't be too much longer."

"If they haven't won by now," Fem Sniper was starting to sound concerned. "What if-."

"Everything's alright, hun." Femgie used her sleeve to dab her friend's forehead. "Everything's-."

An explosion large enough to quake the campervan emanated from the direction of the battlefield. The three women sighed with relief, knowing a sound of that magnitude could only come from their payload destroying a portion of the RED's base. A quick peek out the window by Femgie confirmed this.

"See?" She grinned at Fem Sniper before turning to Femscout. "You, beanpole." She snapped the fingers of her ungloved hand and pointed her thumb at the door. "Ya know what ta do."

She didn't have to tell Femscout twice; the agile young Bostonian was up and out the door in a literal second.

"And make sure it ain't a Spy this time!" Femgie called after her before closing the agape door once more.
Just Gettin' Started (A TF2 Fanfic) [Ch. 5]
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :iconcommentplz:

Summary: Sniper and Fem Sniper are in the family way; but while called out on a payload mission, Sniper is forced to leave his wife behind. The Snipers are known for being loners, but Fem Sniper will soon have to call on her friends for a dire emergency. [Allie, I hope you like it!]


The Fem Sniper and Femgie models referenced in this story can be found at RoxyPoxSFM:… 

The model(s) belong to her, as well as all the other amazing people who pitched in to create them.

Previous Chapter:…

Next Chapter:

Coming soon!


Cover art was edited by me from a TF2 wallpaper available here:…
Image & TF2 owned by Valve, not by me.
So sorry for the inactivity. :( I'm up for a chat, though. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to talk...just note me. :) Have a wonderful day.

~~PagesofAngels (Still alive btw)
Chapter 4:

( Author's Note ): *SPOILORS* So, recently in the official TF2 comic "Blood in the Water" it was revealed that Sniper isn't Australian at all…but rather, a New Zealander. Well…I can safely say I didn't expect that, but the comic is still amazing! I highly recommend every TF2 player/fan should read it! Anyway, seeing as how this commission fic is set in an alternate version of the Gravel Wars, at this point in time, Sniper still thinks he's Australian; so that's what he and Fem Sniper will be referred to as. Just thought I'd point that out.

Sorry for the late update, I spent a lot of time working on 'Gutes Tun' and Allie wanted to help me plan out the rest of this. Allie, since you're reading this: you didn't pay me enough to work with you. XD So, again, sorry everyone and I hope you enjoy the rest of this. I'm truly trying my best with this so…please bear with me.

[P.S] As far as I know, respawn is not an actual thing for the Mercenaries outside of gameplay, so that's why death is treated like it's permanent here.)

Femgie shielded her eyes from the sun and peered into the battlements. She didn't detect any movement in the small room whatsoever through the shimmering ripples of the super-heated air. She had chosen to keep her distance from the entrance to the battlefield, not wanting to risk being struck with any stray bullets when her teammates rushed in to resupply. It had been twenty minutes since she had radioed Femscout for a Medic, and she hadn't heard from her since.

Biting her lower lip, Femgie glanced over her shoulder at the campervan, still sitting shaded beneath the overhang. She didn't like the idea of Fem Sniper left in there all alone while she waited for their Teammate, especially since it had already taken the Bostonian so long to get there. It was no surprise to the Texan that Femscout seemed to be taking her own sweet time to show up; she wasn't exactly the most reliable member of BLU Team.

The ground-shaking vibrations of combat hadn't ceased in the slightest, the battle still raging inside the basin. Just as Femgie was beginning to wonder if her Teammate had forgotten her task amongst the chaos of war, the battlement doors slid open and in sprinted the blue-clad blur of the Femscout, ducking under the missile of a rocket launcher. Close behind her scampered the Team's Medic, tightly clutching his syringe gun as he followed Femscout into the safe haven of the resupply room. The grates sealed as the employees of Builders League United ran inside them, the missile exploding on contact with the barrier.

Femscout slumped into one of the chairs lining the wall. With a satisfied smirk she looked over her bat, covered in small spots of blood and bits of flesh, before tossing the weapon carelessly into the corner. Looking very satisfied with herself, she rested her bandaged hands behind her head as Femgie appeared in the open doorway.

"Here ya go." Femscout said, nodding towards Medic. "Got 'em for ya."

"Sure took 'ya long enough." Femgie retorted crossly to the younger woman as she approached the Medic. "C'mon, Doc, you're needed here."

"I zhink I am needed more out zhere zhan I am in here." Medic did not look happy about being forcibly taken from his duties on the field under the pretense of an 'emergency'. The word meant nothing to him; every injury he ever treated could be classified as an emergency.

"Not now 'ya ain't." Femgie grabbed the former doctor by his collar and began pulling him outside.

"I beg you're pardon!" The Medic resisted, pulling rather frantically away from Femgie.

Femscout chuckled out loud at the scene in front of her, but Femgie was staring intensely at her male Teammate. Medic took a few steps away from the broadly built woman, getting as close to the grates as he could without opening them.

"Is zhere any reason at all zhy I shouldn't return to my duties?" Medic asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yeah…" Like something out of a true Western film, Femgie drew her pistol from her tool belt and aimed it at Medic. "This."

With a single shot and a quick yellow flash of igniting gunpowder, the Medic fell lifeless to the ground, his blue overcoat dissolving into a red suit before he even hit the floor. Femgie holstered her weapon, first glaring down at the body of RED Team's Spy at her feet, then turning her enraged gaze to Femscout. The woman who was laughing a moment ago was now left staring, mouth agape, at what had just occurred. When her eyes made contact with those of her Teammate, she gulped.

"What in the hell?!" Femgie exclaimed.

"It wasn't my fault!" Femscout cried, frantically gesturing to herself.

"You're tellin' me 'ya weren't the idiot who forgot to spy-check before bringing him into our base?!" Femgie was furious.

"Well…" Femscout was refusing to admit the guilt of her potentially deadly mistake. "He didn't kill me at first sight so…ya know…"

Femgie ran her palm down her face and sighed heavily. "Lordy, child…"

Hundreds of thoughts ran through the female engineer's mind at once. Fem Sniper needed a Medic, they didn't have one at the moment. It was too much of a risk to go back out to retrieve one of the true medics; and come to think of it, removing one of the medics could put the entire Team at risk. Femgie's anger at Femscout waned a little; maybe it wasn't so bad that the Medic had turned out to be a spy. Still, her mistake was inexcusable, but Femgie had other issues on her mind at the moment.

"Ya want me to go out and find one of the real docs?" Femscout asked, retrieving her bat from the corner and starting a quick dash for the doors.

"Nope." Femgie seized Femscout by the collar as she passed by.

"Gah!" Femscout came to her second chocking halt that afternoon. "Geez, ya gonna keep doin' that?" She rubbed her neck. "And why not?"

"'Cause you're comin' with me." Femgie pulled Femscout outside so quick, she dropped her bat.

"What?" Femscout shook her head. "Are you nuts? I got a job to do, sister!"

"You're right about somethin', string bean." Femgie almost couldn't help but laugh. "I'll be keepin' 'ya around for a while. Might need a…second pair of hands, just in case."

Femscout gave her Teammate an odd look. "What the hell are ya talkin' about?"

"Oh, right." Femgie said flatly as she lead (or rather, dragged) Femscout to the door of the campervan. "Y'all weren't there when Snipes announced it. Now go on, git."

She swung Femscout around and made her open the door for herself. As soon as the two of them were inside, Femgie subtly closed and locked the door behind them.

"Whoa, hey," Femscout chuckled when she saw the occupant of the mobile home. "Since when did you get knocked up?" It was a remark that earned her a slap on the back of the head from Femgie.

Fem Sniper, seated on the bed with her head resting on the wall, opened one eye and glared at the loudmouth fleet foot. "Piss off." She snarled.

"Lil' Missy here forgot to spy-check the Medic." Femgie nudged Femscout's arm. "So, we don't have one right now."

"You're jokin', right mate?" Fem Sniper raised an eyebrow.

"Not in the slightest." Femgie sighed. "So, what we're gonna have to do is sit around and wait for the mission to end so we can find one."

Fem Sniper opened both eyes to glare at Femscout. "And she has to be here because…?"

"'Cause we're gonna need someone fast to run out and find 'em when we need to." Femgie sat down, crossed-legged on the floor. "No tellin' how long that's gonna take."

"Okay, I'm lost." Femscout adjusted her cap and put a hand on her hip. "What's goin' on here?"

As if on cue, an uncomfortable groan escaped Fem Sniper, and her body became noticeably tenser.

"That's what's goin' on." Femgie said simply.

Femgie saw the look of realization wash over Femscout.

"Aw hell no, I ain't doin' this crap!" Femscout said, turning to the door. Unfortunately for her, Femgie was sitting in front of it; no doubt a calculated move to thwart her escape plans.

"Yeah, that's what I thought you'd say, but you ain't got a choice in the matter." Femgie grinned. "Now sit down and hush."

Defeated, Femscout crossed her arms and obeyed, pouting a little as she joined Femgie on the floor. Fem Sniper didn't speak for about a solid minute, before relaxing again. She let out a long exhale of breath as she rested her head against the wall again.

"How long before that one?" Femgie asked.

Fem Sniper glanced at her watch again. "Eight minutes." She said.

"Then we still got plenty of time."

Femscout nervously bounced her leg. "Ya know, the Administrator ain't gonna like this. What, with me leavin' the fightin' and stuff."

"With how much she pays us, I doubt she'd let anyone go over somethin' like this." Femgie said.

"I somehow find that very doubtful." Femscout rolled her eyes at the female engineer. "'Sides, what if the Team loses 'cause I ain't there?"

Femgie and Fem Sniper both laughed.

"Trust me, sheela." Fem Sniper snickered. "You're not as important as 'ya think 'ya are."
Just Gettin' Started (A TF2 Fanfic) [Ch. 4]
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :iconcommentplz:

Summary: Sniper and Fem Sniper are in the family way; but while called out on a payload mission, Sniper is forced to leave his wife behind. The Snipers are known for being loners, but Fem Sniper will soon have to call on her friends for a dire emergency. [Allie, I hope you like it!]


The Fem Sniper and Femgie models referenced in this story can be found at RoxyPoxSFM:… 

The model(s) belong to her, as well as all the other amazing people who pitched in to create them.

Previous Chapter:…

Next Chapter:…


Cover art was edited by me from a TF2 wallpaper available here:…
Image & TF2 owned by Valve, not by me.
I was searching the depths of YouTube, looking for anything of interest to watch. Nothing really caught my eye, until I saw it: BadCreepypasta.exe in the video suggestions. I clicked on it, and that was the worst mistake of my life! Hyper-realistic blood gushed out of my screen, and there was screaming! Screaming and blood, blood and screaming........yeah, as you can tell, this recommendation has to do with bad creepypasta and all its annoying clichés. :dummy:

As a writer, I often research reviews to popular and not-so-popular things so that I can gain a well-rounded understanding of what issues can be found in certain genres. While doing this, I came across creepypasta (as well as its *cough* reputation *cough* ). Everyone knows them, and everyone likes to make fun of the overly-used tropes that can be found in most of them. Many people of the web have taken to analyzing the worst of these stories, but one of the last I came across, in my opinion, is one of the best.

A web show on YouTube known as "Bad Creepypasta" on the channel MichaelLeroi has got to be one of the funniest, rawest review shows I've ever seen. It has no budget, but the crew behind it is sincere. They're all just a group of buddies who are fans of good literature who, with a little help from Mr. Alcohol, dive into the worst of the worst as far as these creepy little stories go.

Here's the first video I ever saw of them. Its very short, but if you liked it and would like to see the many other episodes like this one that the channel has put up, then click on the link to the video and enjoy! This group deserves so much more attention than they are receiving, so please spread the word. ^_^ Now sit back, get some popcorn, and prepare to laugh realistically in a hyper way (phrase from the show).


Allow me to thank MichaelLeroi for including this journal in their one-year anniversary video. Congratulations on a successful first year, guys! Here's hoping there will be many more to come!


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