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Inch by inch...word by word........novels are hard to write...and I need to stop procrastinating.
Just in case anyone reads these, I've updated my featured deviation. I think I've officially decided my "masterpiece". :heart:
Chapter 6:

Eloi slowly pulled the sword from Isis with the visceral sound of internal organs being disturbed. The wounded goddess statue had a blurry look in her widely-opened eyes, and both of them were focused on her twins. Stephano stared back at his mother from the constricting arms of the Barrel. A silent scream echoed in his chest, but his mouth simply hung open. His vocal chords were unable to utter a single sound as shock racked his tiny body. As if held in place by the metal blade, Isis immediately slumped to her knees and crumpled to the floor without a sound. A shallow puddle of crimson surrounded her, staining her golden hair and skin as she lay face-down on the floor of the Back Hall.

Stephano suddenly awoke from his shock-induced stupor. Unable to form words with his lips, he simply began screaming. Had he been able focus on anything more than what had just happened, he would've noticed a lack of sound or movement from his brother. Gonzales must've still been in a state of paralyzed shock at that moment, while his brother was in the process of having a breakdown.

Eloi, panting heavily and in disarray from the battle, stood over Isis. He gazed down at her motionless form at his feet, watching the pool of blood continue to spread out from under her. A far-off look clouded his eyes for a brief moment, as if subconsciously remembering the life he and the winged Egyptian statue had once shared, but it faded as suddenly as it appeared. The French suit of armor, without kneeling, wiped the blood of his ex-lover from his blade using her own gown.

"Well," He said coldly, sheathing his sword. "I suppose that settles the matter, Isis."

Stephano, still screaming his voice sore, saw his father turn towards him and Gonzales. The now terror-inducing silver man approached, and Stephano began thrashing around like mad in the Barrel's arms, trying desperately to escape.

"You shouldn't look so afraid, boys. There's nothing to worry about now." Eloi said with a smile, holding his arms open to his sons. Stephano saw the blood on his hands.

"You're going home now. Aren't you excited?" His father continued in the French dialect he and his sons shared. "Soon, you'll start learning how to handle those swords better. Speaking of which…" Eloi stooped down and picked up the two dripping swords near Isis's still figure. "Let's go home now."

The silent groups of Barrels began filing out the door, each one with a small smirk on their face. None of them stopped to pick up the five injured Barrels on the floor, a few of which seemed to be dead. The display confused and sickened Stephano even more, and now he felt like he was going to be sick as he continued to scream and thrash about. Gonzales remained quiet from the arms of the Barrel standing beside Stephano.

Stephano heard the strange, clawed monster on the staircase above his head shuffle out of the room, along with its Masters that were with it. Shortly after, Eloi motioned to the Barrels holding his sons; and, with him leading the way, the Barrels began following him. The group stepped over Isis as they headed for the door that would lead them away from the Back Hall. Stephano, finally calming down from his meltdown, desperately kept his eyes locked on his mother as they passed her. Maybe he was silently willing her to get up, or maybe the shock was still making him do crazy things; but either way, Isis remained where she was.

His mother escaped Stephano's line of eyesight as the adult trio passed her by completely. No matter how he turned his head, he couldn't catch another glimpse of her. Just as the realization came over him, just as it all was coming into focus for the young boy, his brother finally sprang back to life:

"Mommy!" Gonzales's ear-splitting cry rang though the large hall, all of his shocked silence escaping him in one, loud outburst. The small, silver boy immediately began sobbing uncontrollably.

"Hush now, Gonzales." Eloi paused, halting the Barrels he was leading to look at his mourning son. "You're going to have to learn to get along without your-."

Just as Eloi turned around to face his son, his face went stagnant with a look of horror. Stephano turned his head in the direction his father was looking…just in time to see a golden hand wrap around the neck of the Barrel holding him hostage. The hand was followed by the blade of a dagger, pickpocketed from the Barrel's own belt, slicing the unsuspecting fiend's throat open.

As the Barrel's limp body began to fall, Stephano felt two familiar hands lift him from the villain's arms and place him in their own. Stephano thought for a moment that he was hallucinating when he saw one of his mother's vibrantly-painted wings wrap around him like a shield. He thought he was dreaming when Isis pointed the stolen dagger at the two remaining assailants, and heard her demand in a voice garbled by severe injury:

"Give me back…my sons!"

The remaining barrel and Eloi both snarled at Isis, both in anger and fear. The Barrel held the still-sobbing Gonzales tightly, while Eloi unsheathed his sword and casually held it against the child's throat. Gonzales began screaming even louder, this time for his mother.

"You're not getting both of them," Eloi snarled, his collected demeanor shedding rapidly, and a savage monster showing underneath. "You make one move for the other one…and there won't be another one!" His actions seemed more defensive than offensive. He wasn't trying to retrieve what he'd lost; he was simply protecting what he had left.

Isis remained perfectly immobile, still holding one wing protectively over one of her sons, and staring helplessly at the other. Stephano noticed that his mother was hunched over, crippled by the massive injury in her abdomen, and the arm holding the dagger was shaking.

The fear in Gonzales's silver eyes shimmered with the tears streaming down his face. Crying out again, he held his hands out towards his mother; a gesture Isis audibly wept at. Stephano looked up at his mother, his pulse running cold as he anxiously awaited what she would do. He saw the tears washing away what little black paint was still present around her eyes, leaving dark streaks of paint down her cheeks.

Isis was completely torn in more ways than one. She'd managed to save one son, but any possible action to save Gonzales could result in horrible outcomes for them both. She could run now, and save Stephano with whatever strength she had left…or she could take the risk to save her sons both, and possibly save neither of them. She thought about cutting her losses and leaving with the one child she'd managed to save, but she couldn't leave Gonzales. Of both her children, Gonzales was the one that undoubtedly needed her the most.

A mother should never be forced to choose between her children, but Isis knew she would never forgive herself if she failed in saving either of them. Saving one son was better than saving neither of them. Tears overflowed from Isis's golden eyes as she lowered the dagger and reluctantly began to step back. Gonzales screamed his protest as he saw his mother actively abandoning him:

"Mommy!" He cried, his own tears misting up his vision. "Mommy! Mommy!"

Isis chocked on her own sobs as she continued to back up, never taking her eyes from her tiny child. "Mommy loves you, Gonzales." She said, just loud enough for the child to hear. "Mommy loves you."

As soon as Isis was far enough away, Eloi removed his sword from against Gonzales's throat and, without a word, quickly vanished with him and the surviving Barrel into the dark hallway beyond. Gonzales's cries could still be heard long after they were gone until they too disappeared into the dark.

Still uttering nothing but muffled sobs and garbled breaths, Isis lowered her wing and slowly carried Stephano up the grand staircase, lugging both herself and her child up into the upper residential wing of Brennenburg. A skinny trail of blood followed the injured mother, gradually getting thinner with each step she took.
Under His Mother's Wing - PewDiepie Fanfic Ch. 6
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :iconcommentplz:

Whoow...I gotta say...I am very proud of this one! :D

Summary: Every great hero has their origin, even if it's something they never relive except in their own dreams. Stephano revisits the long-forgotten memory of his childhood, and many old scars are opened.


Previous Chapter:…

Next Chapter:

Coming Soon!


Cover Art By: :iconmrludwigbeilschmidt:  mrludwigbeilschmidt.deviantart…
For those of you who are avid followers of mine, and those who genuinely follow me for my gallery, I have a question for you. :meow:

I know I haven't been very active on this account in recent months. Mostly, I've been very active on my adoptable-centered account :iconadopting-angels: . However, I don't want to look like I've forgotten you all here. :)

So, I'm asking you: What do you guys want to see me continue with? I know I've started/promised several fanfic projects, but haven't touched them in a while. So what would you guys like to see?



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